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The Color of Autumn

September 5, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor,Holidays

What's your favorite color for Autumn?

Mine is naturally grey.

And why is this one of my favorite colors in Autumn? Because I love things that are "universal". Meaning that they can work with anything - in this case with any other color.

This of how gorgeous grey would be with the bright colors of Autumn - reds, yellows and oranges. You can even mix metallics with grey. And you know what, you can take grey in throughout the entire year.

The only thing is - you need to love grey!

If your teeter-tottering on if you love grey, than bring it into your home with small doses.

Gorgeous grey lanterns. If there smaller ones, use them as candle holders and spread throughout your home. If there larger ones, fill them with pumpkins and small books, or place 3 pillar candles in them. Gorgeous decor for your living room.

To die for velvet pillows are a favorite because not only are they beautiful, but there also super comfy.

A gorgeous velvet tufted ottoman with gorgeous pillows. Your ottoman could be used for additional seating this Thanksgiving.

Even an arm chair with a grey pattern would be beautiful in your home this year during the Autumn. Place in your bedroom, or in your living room.

If your beginning to feel - yeah...I really like this color...

Then think about going for something a little bigger for your home like this beautiful french country sofa from Ikea for $599.00

Wallpaper your bathroom. I love this pattern because it's very neutral. You can put anything against this.

Replace your kitchen floor with beautiful grey faux wood tiles. ready for the biggest project?

Painting your kitchen cabinets a beautiful shade of medium grey.

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