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The Colors

We Want in Our Homes

This Fall

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All year long, we've enjoyed the simple and serene colors of white and cream in our homes with hints of color in fresh flowers and a few pieces of decor.

The leaves outdoors are shining their best in vibrant shades of yellow, red and orange as far as the eye can see. We begin to carry these colors around in our minds. We see something and think of how these fall colors would look in our homes.

Orange is my favorite of these colors and is after all - a mix of yellow and red. My favorite color to use with orange is blue. It's a classic combination, one that can never get boring, especially with the orange off setting the blue.

A true classic blue chinoiserie vase is beautiful with dark orange carnations. Blue chinoiserie orbs are beautiful in an antique silver bowl besides a vase filled with fresh dark orange flowers.

Any creation using blue and dark orange is beautiful this time of year. Also using other tones of orange in your home is perfectly ok because it will create interest.

So let's take a peak with some gorgeous photos that show you how this combination can work in your home.

Throw pillows are contributing a lot to this color scheme, in addition to the large chinoiserie bowl with fresh tulips. Now tulips are available this time of year, so using mums is perfectly fine.

The use of simple glass containers, or vases is perfect for adding this color AND it's quite inexpensive.

I loved this photo because it shows a living room that's in it's day-to-day setting with just a few orange and blue accents. The blue used here is a greyish blue see on the knitted pillows.

Although the walls are painted here, they really don't contribute to our color pallette. I do however love the different patterned orange pillows they've chosen.

If you happen to stumble upon a gorgeous antique tray such as this with orange and blue, as well as other colors - definitely pick it up. This could be used in any room. On a buffet or dresser just leaning against the wall. In your kitchen hutch on a shelf leaning against the back, or on a shelf in your bath.

I'm a little weary on changing our draperies for a particular season, because it means having to change them again for the next season. But if this doesn't bother you in doing, draperies such as these are perfect with the white background.

These draperies are $50.00 per panel and can be bought at

Painting an antique piece in blue is simply gorgeous for your bedroom and is something that can be used all year long.

Unfortunately, this color pallette for the bedroom entails a new duvet cover and pillow shams.

Adding a few throw pillows to your bed, providing that your bedding is either white or cream is a perfect and yet, inexpensive addition. Using orange storage boxes is yet another welcome addition.

A simple throw blanket is all you need provided you have neutral bedding.

I love this photo. Notice how they've used orange patterned pillow shams, a simple picture frame and blue throw pillows to inexpensively bring in this color pallette.

Now as for any type of bedding and decor, I would suggest looking at Wayfair, as well as on Amazon. Typically you won't beat the prices on Amazon.

Here's a few things that I think could bring this color pallette into any room. The lamp is a gorgeous style and is only $102.00 for a pair. The chinoiserie orbs are $39.00 for the set of 6 as shown. I love the wicker basket shown because it's an orange color and could be used for so many things, such as storing your decor magazines, or your reading books, or holding a bunch of fruit in your kitchen.

Just allow your mind to be open when shopping. Take a note pad with you and if you see something you like, look at the price tag and if it's too much - write it down and search for similar products when you get home on Wayfair or Amazon.

It's not only about having a beautiful home, but achieving this on a budget that you can afford.

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