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How to Bring Bird Cages Into Your Home


3 Day Series of

Bird Cages - Birds and Bicycles

Bird Cages

The Beauty behind Bird Cages

I have always loved birdcages and at one time in my life many years ago, I had several large wood one's. The doors on them weren't large enough to do any of these gorgeous things, but I still enjoyed them, staging at different heights together.

An actual birdcage - how gorgeous

Bird Cages are things that we typically think of in spring, when the birds start coming out of their nests and hoping across lawns looking for food. The children driving up and down the streets anxious for the nice weather to finally be here.

We look forward to taking out our Spring decor to start decorating and this can be anything that you thoroughly enjoy and maybe start looking forward to putting out in December. If you're anything like me in always being 10 steps ahead, this wouldn't surprise me.

There's nothing wrong in being 10 steps ahead. It just means that we have over-active creative minds!

Thankfully Bird Cages have become a part of our lives in all sorts of ways. There are so many different types of bird cage decor, even birdcage shower curtains. There's even gorgeous actual bird cages that we could purchase to add decor to the insides.

How can we use birdcages in our homes?

The first thing that I love is putting plants and flowers inside of them. You may be looking at this and wonder how it's possible to put plants and flowers inside. It's actually fairly easy.


  • Green Moss
  • Indoor Soil
  • Your Plants

Step 1. Take your moss and form a nest with it. Take your hand and go around it and push down the bottom - compacting the underneath of the moss.

Step 2. Take a hand full of soil compact to the bottom of your nest. Put your plants inside, then fill the rest of your nest with soil. Lightly water.

Step 3. Now take your beautiful little nest and place inside your birdcage.


Here's another thing that I love the looks of with birdcages. Just simply placing candles inside. We need to be concerned with fires, so placing your birdcages up high and each candle on a candle holder is how we'll prevent this from happening.

You can hang many medium size and small birdcages easily with a piece of chain that you can easily buy at Home Depot. Just put a hook in your ceiling.

How wonderful would it be to have a large metal memo board birdcage over your desk. Plenty of room to clip things to. So not only is this beautiful, but functional to.

I love these birdcage decals that you simply just stick to one of your walls. Think how gorgeous this would be with a few actual bird cages in front of it. Very dimensional decor.

Although I love wooden bird cages because their true to the original way they were made, birdcages now with these gorgeous finishes are just as splendid to have.

Ok...everyone knows how much I love making things. So I came up with a few super simple projects we can do.

Making a Pillow with a Bird Cage Transfer


  • Pillow Cover
  • Image
  • Wax Paper
  • Inkjet Printer

Step 1. Take a piece of wax paper and wrap it around a piece of cardstock (to make it easier for printing).

Step 2. Upload the image here to your computer and make sure your printing is setup to print in Portrait.

Step 3. Now print your image.

Step 4. VERY GENTLY remove your image and place on a table for a minute (because the ink is wet).

Step 5. Now take your image and place face down on your pillow cover and holding the image on one side, allows you to rub over the image with your hand on the other side. The more you rub, the better the image will be. Voila - your first pillow is made.

You'll want to WASH this pillow cover BY HAND. Also, DO NOT RUB the fabric together.

Portrait Image

More beautiful images on there way.

Making Bird Cage Coasters

How beautiful are these coasters? I love them and was inspired to make some when I was shopping around in Wayfair.


These images are 4" x 4" (enlarge is need be before printing)

  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Coasters - ceramic, or cork

Step 1. Copy these images to your computer - resize if needed and print. There's no wording so you don't need to reverse them.

Step 2. Cut your images out.

Step 3. Work with one image at a time, brush Mod Podge onto the back - then gently place onto a coaster. Rub over the image really well with your hands. Then using something like a credit card, go over the image again.

Step 4. Now go over the image with a coat of Mod Podge to seal it. Because Mod Podge is water solvable, put a light coat of spray matte clear. This will make them washable.

Bird Cage Home Decor

I love how these gorgeous pieces of decor can be happy year-round. Like in the above photo's - use them to place your favorite finds, or place simple artificial flower branches inside.

I especially love how we can use them for some of our favorite things for the holidays - used to some of your favorite ornaments, or to stage a tiny Valentine diorama - gorgeous flowers for Easter (and they could be artificial) and a festival of yellow flowers for summer.

If you're ever interested in using artificial flowers inside your bird cages, just simply do this.

Step 1. Using a piece of styrofoam block, cut all of your flowers stems with a pair of wire cutters.

Step 2 Now simply cover the entire piece of styrofoam block with your flowers, then stick inside your bird cage.

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