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How To Bring Birds Into Our Homes


Bringing Birds Into Our Homes

A little history for you...

France is home to relatively untouched habitat which supports a large variety of wildlife, birds, and animals. The country consists of a large forested area where a large species of native animals such as Wild Boar and Red squirrel are common. France is also home to several introduced species from other parts of the world. The metropolitan France has more than 541 recorded species of birds while the entire country has over 800 birds’ species. The birds’ species in the country include the introduced species and the species that have migrated to the country from the neighboring European countries.

The Horned Grebe is a small waterbird.

The Eurasian Wryneck is a species in the woodpecker family.

I fell in love with birds last summer. I started noticing these tiny little birds that would come down in groups of approximately 20. They would eat and stay in the area for quite a while- until they heard a car go by. I couldn't get over how beautiful they were. It's because of this love that I wanted to write this article today.

So we can certainly appreciate our feathered friends when we're outdoors, but how can we bring them indoors? Especially in the springtime?

Well I started doing this last night in our Overnight Stay. And I'm anxious to share more with you.

I really had to brainstorm in finding bird decor. I started with one of my favorite stores, Wayfair and was appauld at the prices. For a little bird like these they wanted $80.00. So while I was sitting here frustrated, it occured to me that Hobby Lobby (a local craft store) might just have what I'm looking for. And voila - I found some. These have a lot more and you should spend an afternoon just going up and down the isles. I say this because the above gorgeous birds could be in different departments.

Do you remember me talking about making gorgeous pillows yesterday.

When your ready, here's a few images of birds that I've created for you.

Did you know that whenever I create images to use on things like pillows, I used an actual french letter, postcard, or other things that were written. This one was written in 1911.

How to Make a Bird with Yarn

I love these because we're still in winter despite thoroughly looking forward to spring and thought that these little guys would suffice both seasons.

  1. Yarn –Dark, medium and lightest in color
  2. Scissors
  3. 2 Pieces of White Cardstock 
  4. 1 Piece of Orange Cardstock
  5. Hot glue
  6. Craft wire
  7. 2 Black Medium size Beads 

Joining the Upper and Lower Parts of the Body

Step 1. Take one of your pieces of cardstock and fold in half. Cut two pieces 3 1/2" wide x 8" long. Take your second piece of cardstock, fold in half and cut a third piece 4 1/2" wide x 12" in length.

Step 2. Take your 4 1/2" x 12" piece of cardstock and wrap your darkest yarn (upper body) around it length wise. Keep wrapping till it's thick enough (1/2" thick). Hold the yarn on the cardstock firmly and cut one side.

Step 3. Take one of your 3 1/2" x 8" pieces of cardstock and wrap your medium shade (lower body) of yard around it. Like above, keep wrapping till it's thick enough.

Step 4. Take your second piece of 3 1/2" x 8" piece of cardstock and wrap your darkest color, medium color and lightest color (wings) around it and keep wrapping till it's thick enough.

Step 5. Lay your darkest color of yarn (upper body) down on a table horizontally. Place your medium shade of yarn over this vertically. Refer to photo 1. below.

Step 6. Take your darkest color yarn (the upper body) and fold over the medium color yarn (lower body) (like seen in photo 2. here). Tie a piece of your darkest color around the dark colored yarn to secure it.

Step 7. Now pull out your medium colored yarn - fold in half - lay over your dark shade - hold approximately where you tied off the darker color and tie this off.

Step 8. Take your gathered darker shade and seperate the yarn on one side - push your medium shade piece into this (like see in photo 4 above).

Step 12. Hold the open ends of the yarn groups together tightly. Take small piece of any colored starnd and tigtly tie it around that end to join all the yarn groups together. Trim the end of the yarn groups to level them

Making the Bird with it's Wings

Step 9. Take your mixed yarn (lower body) and place in between the darker yarn and the medium yard (like seen in photo 7 here). The dark colored yarn knot should be facing up (like seen in photo 5)..

Step 10. Take a small piece of paper and crumple it up - squeezing it to make it small (like seen in photo 6). The size of the birds body depends on the crumpled paper size. Place the crumpled paper on top of your mixed yarn (wings) (like seen in photo 7).

Your bird body and wings are now complete like seen in photo 9.

Snip the bottom if you'd like to even it out (like seen in photo 10).

Making the nose, feet and eyes

Step 11. Make a small cone from orange colored cardstock paper for the beak.

Step 14. Use craft wire to make the legs.

Step 15. Simply hot glue 2 black beads on both sides of the birds head.

Step 16. Hot glue the legs into the lower part of the body.

Step 17. And finally Glue the beak to complete the bird.

This was a long tutorial to write and for you to read. But we did it - our first adorable yarn birdie is done and ready to adorn a shelf in your bookcase.

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