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Thrift Store French Country Baskets

September 10, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Junkin Market,Vintage Inspired,Tutorials

Your not going to believe these makeovers!

Gorgeous French Country Baskets

Very Simple to make

1) First spray paint the entire basket with flat white spray paint, 2) then using Frog Tape, tape off the areas to form the stripes, 3) now spray paint the basket with a beige paint.

This is originally a $200.00 basket. To refinish it, simply brush a flat white latex paint over it - using much less paint that normally. You want the original finish to appear throughout the basket.

1) Simply paint the wicker hope chest with flat white latex paint, 2) using an oval piece of thin wood, make a laundry sign by printing out the letters in the font you'd like on your printer - transfer to the wood by coloring the back of the paper with pencil - then flipping the paper face up and tracing the letters, 3) make a liner for the inside of the chest.

If you're lucky enough to find a group of baskets that you can stack neatly like this, then go ahead and paint them in a flat latex paint in the gorgeous pastel colors you love.

1) First spray paint basket in flat white paint, 2) then mask stripe with Frog Tape, 3) spray paint a baby blue over stripe, 4) stencil on the letters.

Happy Basket Making!

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