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Halloween Candle Holders

October 1, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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I'm so excited to begin sharing all the posts I have for you this month. As usual, I'll be sharing bits of French Country style with you - especially geared for the month of October.

First off, my favorite Halloween Decor Project of all time!

I saw this a couple years ago and went absolutely out of my mind with how talented this girl is in thinking outside the box when it came to these thrifted lamps. Me, I buy lamps to use exactly how they are - painting and distressing them. Because this is such an inexpensive and easy project to do, and because their so gorgeous - I wanted to share this with you today.

This is being shared by one of my blogger friends, Christy...

The love in my heart for you each and every day!

So let's get started with Christy's story behind these!

I picked these three lamps up from the thrift store for $13. Two of them had been hanging around so long that they were half price, but I had a fun idea for them.

I knew they could make an interesting and unique set of candlesticks for our Halloween display!

To turn these lamps into candlesticks, I needed something to attach to the lamps to hold the candles. I spied two of these candle holders on the same trip as I found the lamps:

These were perfect since one of the lamps had a similar piece on it already:

When I got home, I started taking my lamps apart…

There is a rod that runs all the way through the center of the lamps and you can rearrange the pieces as you like. I reworked mine so that I had a flat surface to add the candle holder to. Then I used E6000 glue to attach the candleholder.

Then I taped off what I didn’t want painted on the red lamp:

Once you have your lamps masked and taped for the areas you don't want black, your ready to spray paint them.

Just simply bring them outdoors in an area that's not to windy, lay down some newspaper in an open area with nothing around them (because there will be over spray) and set sailing with the spray paint.

I actually found these candles at the thrift store a couple of years ago still in the wrapping for $2 each.

This would be a great idea for creating unique candlesticks to use year round as well.


These ones had some pretty details that really stood out once I painted them:

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