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Thrifting With A Headboard

February 13, 2002 By Taina Laraba

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Thrifting With A Headboard


  • Wood Putty
  • Quality Black Paint
  • Paint Brush and Roller
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain - Minwax Gunstock
  • Q-Tips and disposable Rags
  • Top Coat
  • Black Wax

One of the best places to find something like this is Habitat for Humanity.

Mix your paint really - really well. Begin painting your piece with the roller. Use your paint brush to get into crevices and details. Paint some of the areas with a lighter hand. Allow to completely dry.

Sand the areas where you lightly painted a little more aggressively than the rest of your piece. The goal is to reveal some of the original stain while the majority of the piece remains a rich opaque black.

In doing this, it's possible to sand to the bare wood. This is where we'll use our stain with a few Q-tips.

Allow the stain to sit for a few minutes before wiping off.

To get a rich black on black Pottery Barn Finish, black wax works amazing.

This is my inspiration for creating this post.

Wasn't this fun? I'll see what else I can put together using this paint technique!

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