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Tier Stand Christmas Decor DIY

Tuesday 11/20/2018

I am absolutely in love with tier stands. Doesn't matter what there made of - I just love them because as you can see here, you can do so much with them. And there the perfect decorative piece with height.

If you don't have a tier stand, here's some that I found that I thought you would enjoy.

We're going to do ours a little different this year because we're going into the later part of the season and I'm not sure what you will find.


  • Lot's of faux pine picks - if you can't find any picks, a pine garland will do -
  • If you can find a miniature pine tree - spectacular - now you'll want to buy a tiny terra cotta pot and small block of styrofoam (Dollar Tree) to put it in.
  • Small white deers
  • Small natural orbs
  • Hot Glue Gun

If you were lucky enough to find a miniature pine tree, super awesome. Hot Glue in a small piece of styrofoam - all to dry a little bit - then hot glue the trunk of the tree into the styrofoam.

If you couldn't find a miniature pine tree, not a problem - we're going to build a similar look with all of our pine picks. If you couldn't find pine picks, but you found garland, then simply cut your garland into small pieces with wire cutters. Now that you have a pile of garland, begin placing it onto all of the tiers.

Now place a few of your natural orbs on top of the pine and finally, place your white deers on top as well. If you find that you need to hot glue anything to keep it in place, then by all means - hot glue them.

Voila - your done.

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