Today I'm going to share how you can create a gorgeous apartment.

First I want to share our apartment living with you. When we first moved into our apartment, I didn't like it very much. I had never imagined I would live downtown on the busiest street. So I pretended that we lived in NY with all the cars going by. This didn't last for very long. We've been here for 7 years now and I've some to love my home. It's crazy how you get use to all the things that you once hated. You learn how to live with things like this.

How delicious does this look?

Just add all the ingredients together, bring to a boil and then let simmer. Happy keeping warm this winter.

Omg...and this looks even better...

Now I know it's quite frigid outside and your probably not thinking of a frozen drink, but you do have to admit this looks pretty incredible. Check it out here this your first apartment? What fun!

Or are you moving to find a new one? Also very fun!

Moving in the winter can save you some money because apartments tend to be less money than in the spring and summer.

Are you excited? Well I'm excited for you - let's get going...

This is your new home. Don't be afraid of putting holes in the walls or anything else that you knowingly aren't destroying the place.

One thing to keep in mind on your move... in most apartments you cannot paint the walls.

Living Room

A few things to keep in mind...

  • If you have enough seating, this could be the perfect place to dine in rather than your small kitchen. 
  • Think of multiple uses for the pieces you have, or pieces that you intend on buying.  For example your sofa...try to float this in the room with a buffet style table behind it. This could be the sole place that you have most of your decorative items rather than hanging shelves on the wall. This could also be used as a buffet when inviting friends and family over.  Your desk, use this as a buffet as well.

Try changing the interior design of your home to survive the winter blues. As nature goes grey and cold, it’s wise to pick soothing colors for your interior.

I love the use of pink in this space. Despite it being cold outside, this living room feels very cozy.

If your living room is a good size, consider putting your desk in here. This could also be used as a buffet table when inviting friends and family over.

Here's a smaller sofa being used and look how adorable this space is. Coffee table, side table and a wonderful side chair.


Just a small table is all you need in your kitchen. I love these chairs. Even though there plastic, they look so comfortable.

Consider using a small chopping island next to your counter for prepping food. Maybe you could slide it away in front of the window, or move it into a hallway.


I love this idea of adding wall hooks to hang things that you use everyday. This piece of wood moulding looks like it could have been there just because of the style of this apartment. However if you don't have something to attach your wall hooks to, ask your landlord if they would mind you putting something like this up and clearly it would stay with the apartment if you decide to leave.

Look how narrow this bedroom is, but it doesn't feel claustrophobic, but rather warm and cozy.

What makes this space work? might be disappointed when looking at this apartment and seeing such a narrow bedroom, but this homeowner knew exactly what they were doing by bring in warm furniture with the leather benches and very aged side table. They carried this warmth on the bed with an upholstered headboard in a taupe color with gorgeous earth tone pillows.

On a budget with not much money to spare?

The first thing I would suggest is heading on over to your local thrift store like Goodwill or Savers.

Here you'll find everything you need for your apartment, except for your main furniture. You can find loads of brand name things like bedding, gorgeous tableware, pots and pans, cooking bowls all for just a few dollars. Everyday the Goodwill has a sale color, if your lucky you can save 50% off of your couple dollar items.

Rather than going out and spending $20 plus dollars on accent pillows - consider making your own where you don't need a sewing machine.

Rather than spending $10 plus on candles, consider making your own with just a few supplies and the $10.00 that you spend on wax, could make you candles for the entire year.

Learning to think outside the box is going to be your best friend.

One way of doing this is to imagine yourself with no money. What would you do? How would you eat? Where would you sleep? If you don't already have a car, how would you get to work? Everyone takes advantage of the fact that they have money and some, make a lot of money - but what would they do if someday they don't have it?

Stepping outside of what your use to is the beginning to thinking outside the box.

Maybe allow your mind to drift off in thinking of what the very early days in France were like for the people that lived in the countryside. I will say that all of the furniture was very simple and was built solely to last a long time - they weren't considered with it being fancy. They were very fragile when it came to their food. People learned to live with rashens. They were very poor people, but lived a wholesome life.

This is how I live every day. I don't take advantage of anything. I'm extremely frugal and yes, I shop the color that's on sale at Goodwill before I look for anything else. At first I thought that I was being cheap, but than later realized that I'm just an extremely frugal person and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. So I saved $2.00. Now that $2.00 can go towards something else.

Studio Apartment

How gorgeous is this space. Everything you need is right here in one room. I love this and could easily live here.

Your super comfy bed with a sitting chair and side table across from it, making for a perfect sitting area. The kitchen adjacent from this and this kitchen has a wonderful side board for prepping food, or putting food out for entertaining. A very small dining area perfect for you to sit with your laptop. I'm assuming the bathroom is behind the door to the right next to the dining table.

I really like the bones of this space. The gorgeous sliding doors, the knee wall and the gorgeous hardwood floors. Again, the white walls will make this appear larger.

Understanding that this space is probably quite small in need of a super small sofa like this, I would have used a low three drawer dresser instead, making room for a side chair. With this setup, you'd have some room for seating with an area on top of the dresser for drinks or putting out food.

Use your dresser as a night stand in a small space. Also use this for drinks or food when entertaining.

Wall shelves take up far less space than bookshelves. These are perfect in a studio apartment because there's so little floor space.

This is a cozy space. I bet the kitchenette is on the other side. Here they've used their bed, clearly a twin bed as a couch for when guests arrive.

I love how they've really played up the grey in this space with the accent pillows on top of a piece of bedding, the throw blanket and the gorgeous marble table top. The black framed artwork is perfect here.

This is such a gorgeous space. I love the idea of using a chaise lounge both for your bed and also additional seating when guests visit.

If this sounds wonderful to you, buy one without arms to make it easy for guests to sit, but make sure it's comfortable enough for your sleep.

If you do put holes in the walls, all you need to do is pick up a small container of wall spackle. Either ask your landlord what the color is throughout your apartment, or if they have some left over paint that you could use. If they don't have any leftovers, then have the color mixed in the small containers at Home Depot.

Moving into a new apartment whether your first one, or simply moving to a different one can be a little stressful in getting use to the area and trying to get a lay on the land. You can't do anything about these two things - they'll happen in time. But you do have complete control what's behind the door of your apartment.

Let's not forget about our outdoor area...

I hope that this has provided you with inspiration in your new apartment hunt. If your ever stumped with your ideas, or not sure how to tackle something - please reach out to me.

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