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Transitioning Decor From Fall to Christmas


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Thank you for being here today my Friends!

Quite often, it's far more easier to transition from one season into another. If you take a look around your home, creating a little inventory in your mind of what you have


It's a good idea to start with all your pumpkins seeings how these scream FALL DECOR.

Then plan to put away all of your fall looking decor like wheat grass, autumn leaves, fall berries, fall wreaths, acorns, etc.

The easiest way of tackling this is starting at your front door, transitioning throughout your home and finally at your dining table. In several days your home will have a clean slate to start adding bits of winter and Christmas.

Some of the things you should leave out are dough bowls, warm throws, lanterns, dried hydrangeas and pheasant feathers. These will provide a layer for you to build on with your winter and Christmas decor.

Winter decor to start adding...

Certainly begin adding pine cones in clusters on dough bowls, inside lanterns, mixed in with some dried hydrangeas and with pheasant feathers looking gorgeous. Bleached pine cones also look gorgeous this time of year.

Start creating small vignettes with some of these decor pieces. Add some pinecones to your dough bowls with some dried hydrangeas and pheasant feathers for a gorgeous fall to winter look.

Fill a dough bowl with pinecones, moss balls and silver Christmas balls and add it to your coffee table

Using some sort of tray, dish or bowl, continue creating your small vignettes throughout your home. Use some super inexpensive Mercury Glass votive candle holders in with your vignettes, surrounded with faux snow and fairy lights.

Adding some super fabulous moss balls to your vignettes adds a bit of greenery to the rustic looking pine cones, dried hydrangeas and pheasant feathers.

Adding metallic Christmas ornaments will add a bit of glitz to your vignettes.

Fill bowls with pinecones and metallic Christmas balls and put it on your kitchen table

And finally, don't hesitate on using real pine branches as long as their in water.

Some other ideas you might enjoy...

  • think about using lanterns, candles and chunky candleholders and put them in your entryway
  • sprinkle a little snow on a table and add fairy lights to lanterns 
  • use boxwood balls to top off terracotta or mercury glass pots down the center of your dining room table
  • fill a pitcher with pheasant feathers and add to a transitional vignette
  • use lots of votives in gold and silver mercury glass votive holders everywhere
  • fill a bowl with pinecones and snow and put it on a side table
  • sprinkle pinecones and moss balls across the center of a table or mantel
  • fill glass cylinders… one with metallic balls, one with pine cones one with pheasant feathers and one with snow… group on a buffet
  • hang small boxwood wreaths on pretty ribbons over dishes hanging on the wall
  • add a white creamer with pheasant feather and greens to your nightstand
  • add neutral pillows to your sofa, chairs and bed.

With these ideas, you should be well on your way to transition from Fall to Winter in no time.

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