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Twine Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

Saturday 11/17/2018

1. Supplies You'll Need - Craft Balsa Wood, Sliced Branches that will fit on the size wood your using, Hot Glue, Twine, Tiny Metal Stars for the Top. 2. 9 1/2" x 3" Craft Balsa Wood $1.99 at Hobby Lobby. Using a utility knife or x-acto knife, cut a few triangles that are 4 3/4" long x 3" wide. 3. Cut a piece of twine the length you'd like to hang it from and hot glue in place.

4. Place another dab of glue on the back and attach your twine. 5. Time to start wrapping. Be sure to pull your twine taught as you go and wrap it till you get to the middle and place a dab of hot glue. 6. Continue to the bottom and finish in the back by cutting the twine and placing a dab of hot glue.

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