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Twine Orb Christmas Ornament with Berries DIY

Tuesday 11/20/2018

I love "grapevine" kissing balls and wreaths and these ornaments remind me of this. I'm so happy to be here today sharing this with you. I saw this photo from it's original post, but all the writing on how to make them is my own words.




White glue

Hot Glue Gun

Sprigs of faux pine

Sprigs of red berries

Tiny red bells

If you plan on making several of these, say five - then blow up five balloons where they have a round shape rather than an egg shape.

Pour some glue onto a disposable lid of some sort. Unwind a bunch of the twine and begin dragging through the glue. Start with placing it on the "nipple" of your ballon and wrapping it completely around it - then wrap it going in a different direction. Keep running your twine through the glue and then wrapping it. Continue doing this until your balloon is completely wrapped. Allow to completely dry.

Once dry, pop the balloon inside and pull out. Gently apply some hot glue to the top of the ball, spreading out with the tip of your glue gun and place a sprig of pine.

Do the same thing and place your red berries. Do the same thing in placing your red bells. I SAY TO APPLY YOUR GLUE GENTLY, THEN SPREAD IT OUT so you don't have blobs of hot glue that are easily seen.

I hope you enjoyed making these and you still have room left on your tree to place a few.

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