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Updating a French Country Dining Room

August 15, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

Do you have a dining room where you love certain pieces and dislike others? This is so often the case with many of us.

So why not take these pieces that you love and work with them. Maybe make these the highlights of your dining room because you love them so much. We're going to take a look on how to do this today and I hope your inspired to Updating Your French Country Dining Room.


If you decide to paint your dining room, these are a few colors that I've chosen from Behr paint.

I just finished painting my entire house white, a shade of Behr and I love it - wish I would have done it years ago. The white I chose has a grey tint to it. It appears white as your painting it, but when it dries, it's clearly not "stark" white against the baseboards.

Your Dining Table

Your dining table is what grounds your room.

So make it spectacular

If you have an older dining table and it fits your family size, then consider giving it a new life by refinishing it. 

We've talked a lot about finishes on our furniture and decor and there's hundreds that are gorgeous and so simple to do.

One of my favorite go-to finishes that I love to do is simply painting and distressing without any fuss.

You'd simply choose a color that you'd like to paint your dining table in. All you would need is a half gallon to do a project like this.

Then you'd paint your table and allow to thoroughly dry - overnight is best.

Now using a medium grit piece of sandpaper, begin distressing it by first hitting the corners of the table, around the feet or legs of the table and the edges of the top (because this is where it would naturally wear).

Distressing the remainder of the table is perfectly fine as well. But do this sparingly.

Finally, go over your entire table with a piece of steel wool to smooth the entire thing. Then protect your new finish with a matt clear spray.

If you find that your older table isn't big enough for your growing family and all the entertaining you do, then I think it's perfectly fine to think about a new one.

I love - love - love this table. It's perfect! I love the color and especially love how it looks like an old farm table reminiscent of the countryside of France.

This seats up to 6 people and is only $220.00

Two important things to keep in mind when selecting a table!

Here's another one that I love. The legs are unique, but it still lends itself to being a farmhouse table.

This table seats up to 8 people and is $190.00 - a CLOSOUT on Wayfair

Your Dining Chairs

Now let's look for some chairs to go with our new tables.

I love using upholstered chairs in a dining room because it adds a sense of elegance. They also soften all of the hard corners of pieces like seen on your table, a side board or hutch.

These 3 things are equally important when choosing dining chairs.

I love these chairs. I love the wood tone, the gorgeous cream upholstery and the ornate woodwork.

These are $260.00 for a set of two on Wayfair

If going with a natural wood grain - IT DOES NOT need to match your table. Remember, French Country is about mixing and matching.

I love these chairs as well. I love the distressed white finish with the gorgeous upholstery.

Pieces you may love

Heirloom pieces are one's that you must keep. If you decide not to use them in your dining room anymore, there's plenty of other places where they can be used.

Now if you don't have any heirloom pieces, think about visiting your local Habitat for Humanity to see what they might have to add to your home and making it a family heirloom.

These are the pieces that can never be bought in stores. Yes there's lot's of replications, but there not made the same way as a piece that comes from the 1800's.

So with this said, plan your dining room around them because these can add so much to the overall look of your space.

First place your side board on the wall of your choosing, then bring in the table and chairs and before you know it, the room is completely changed.

Do the same thing with an old hutch that you may have.

It's time to accessories

Now that we have our big pieces in place, let's take a step back and take a look at your space from different angles. Snap photos of your new space.

With everything together, what do you envision for a chandelier, a large mirror over your buffet, tableware, potted greenery and decor for your side board.

If you have a hutch, what type of tableware would you like to display in it?

Make a checklist of the items that you'd like to purchase and go shopping with this, as well as your photos.

Don't forget about your local thrift stores!

Accessories are a personal thing, so make sure that whatever you purchase means something to you.

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