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Vintage Snowman Head Ornament

Tuesday 11/13/2018

How incredibly adorable are these guys. I just had to learn how to make them and share it with you.

Simply purchase some styrofoam balls, black, pink and orange acrylic paints, sheet music scrapbook paper, small spool of cream yarn, tiny rust stars and iridescent glitter.

Simply start with painting the face. A couple black dots for the eyes and black dots for the mouth. Then take some of your pink paint on your finger and rub it on for the cheeks. Using a tiny tree branch, stick it into the styrofoam ball and carefully paint it orange for the nose.

Take your piece of sheet music paper, fold in half - then in half again. Unfold and cut into 4 pieces. Take each piece and fold into a cone and tape together. Cut the opening so it's straight.

Decorate your hat with hot gluing on your tiny rust stars and a yarn pom pom at the top.

Make the pom pom simply by wrapping the yarn around a couple fingers - cutting and tying on a seperate piece of yarn in the middle. Then cut the ends.

Once done with decorating your hats, simply hot glue them onto the top of the heads.

Finish your vintage snowman head with iridescent glitter.

If you'd like to hang these adorable little guys, then simply hot glue on a piece of yarn at the tops of their hats.

I loved sharing this with you. Think of all the ways you can have these around your home this winter season. Hang from fishing line in your windows. Place a few in a gorgeous bowl on a side table or night stand. Hang a few on your Christmas tree.

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