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What Are The

Different French Country


March 12, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

I am so proud to tell you that I am now a Wayfair and Walmart Ambassador. I chose these two companies to represent because they offer beautiful furnishings for different price points.


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Their also very customer oriented and strive to have the best customer service.

What Are The Different French Country Styles

Did you know that French Country isn't just French Country? It has other styles associated with it.

I'm very excited to share these different styles with you today and maybe in knowing this, will settle your mind as to what true style you are.

What is Farmhouse French Country?

Gorgeous reclaimed wood floors anchor all the rooms, especially noticed in the living room with the lighter colored toile fabrics used in the slipcovers and draperies. Aged medium tone wood side tables nestled in between the seating not only decorated with functional black metal lamps with cage shades, but with Roosters and Bird Cages elevated at different heights.

Upholstered furniture can be seen in all sorts of different styles in Farmhouse French Country decor. It can mimic the gorgeous white slip covered furniture that we've come to love with French Country, or it can have a bit of color seen in different toile fabric, or different check patterns.

Wood furniture can also be seen in different styles from polished wood, to very aged wood - some with tons of chippy paint.

Decorative pillows are another way of adding a lot of color into Farmhouse French Country homes and the best part, it's very inexpensive. From toile - to checkered - to prints, it's all relevant in this style.

All of the decor is very - very rustic. I use the term rustic, but really what I'm saying is that it all looks very old and worn - making it the creme-de-la-creme in this style.

Gorgeous neutral colored area rugs are seen sitting on hardwood floors. Hardwood floors that are either new - antique - or reclaimed.

If you love this style, you can start incorporating it into your home very easily and inexpensively.

What is Modern French Country style?

This is a very unique style to French Country, but is also the style that is very prevalent in Paris. It's all about a stunning balance between sophisticated bold new styles that blend seamlessly with more traditional older designs, letting unique pieces compliment one another.

Quite often, a chosen color palette is derived for a space. Bold geometric patterns are incorporated. Furniture and decor with sleek lines are added.

Mid Century pieces of furniture are welcomed into this design style because of their effortless sleek contemporary style.

If you love this style, think of luxurious fabrics on mid century style, or very slim styled furniture. Using gold metal side tables. Using lot's of decorative frames and artwork within them. Crystal chandeliers and gold wall sconces.

I know all these things sound luxurious enough to sound expensive, but I promise - you can replicate this style very affordably.

What is Industrial French Country?

This is an exceptionally unique style to French Country because it's all about the metal. We love using different metal things in our French Country decorating, but here - it is the focal point in any room.

Industrial French Country is a marrying of different "materials" including antique or vintage metals. Aged wood is something we love in all forms of French Country, but when paired with metal - the style takes on a whole different personality.

Dark colors are used to mimic the dark colors found in metals.

What is Shabby Chic French Country?

This style tends to play into our favorite French Country style in a playful way with constant bursts of pastels seen everywhere. It's a relaxed style because the colors are muted and the fabrics are worn - including in a simple white slip covered sofa.

This style also embraces lot's and lot's of flowers seen in fabrics, on furniture, fresh and artificial, on chandeliers and practically on anything you can imagine. Crystal chandeliers are used in every room of the home and there's always lot's of white.

I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of my new book. I have plenty more to share with you on the Different Styles of French Country.

Join me tomorrow where I talk exclusively about Farmhouse French Country.

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