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What French Country Decor

I look for when Thrifting

August 20, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Junkin Market,Vintage Inspired,Styles and Decor

Believe it or not, shopping for things you'd like to have is no big deal when it comes to thrifting. I tend to shop at my local Goodwill stores and there very organized with the different sections, making it easy to shop. For example if I'm shopping for antique tableware, I go right to that department.

My favorite things to shop for are antique linens - pillow cases - curtains and bed sheets, antique dinner plates, metal home decor, copper home decor, old metal picture frames, wood picture frames.

If I'm shopping for just anything, then I'll just simply browse these departments. However if I'm shopping for something specific, then I have a list with me. For example if I found antique dinner plates, I might go back to look for the dessert plates if I didn't see them at the time.


Here are some antique pieces of tableware that can be found.

Each dinner plate is usually in pristine condition, keeping in mind the age of each piece. Certainly pieces that you'd love to have on your dining room table, or in your breakfast nook.

Finding a full or complete set of dinner plates can sometimes be a chore. This could be because someone picked up one or a few, carried them through the store, then changed their mind and put them down anywhere. Often times the store won't bring out the full set with the dessert plates till the next day. So don't be discouraged, buy what's there and go back to look for the additional pieces.

I love it when I buy a set of antique dinner plates only and happen to come across additional pieces in the other Goodwill store.

I love layering these gorgeous plates. Their especially beautiful sitting on a plain white plate.

These are definitely one of my staple items.


Another favorite thing I like to shop for are vintage sheets. Their the softest sheets you'll ever lay on. I know what your thinking...just wash them in bleach!

This is how their organized in the store, making it very easy to thumb through.

Vintage sheets are one of those things that are just simply wonderful to have.

How to tell if there vintage

The patterns used in vintage sheets are busier and more interesting than today's sheets. Vintage sheets tend to be very colorful, whether it be super bright or simply lots of variety.

Another way to tell whether a sheet is vintage or not, is the feel of the sheet. For the most part, vintage sheets made in the United States at were 50%/50% polyester cotton blends. This is a big difference compared to today's sheets, which are generally 100% cotton unless you're buying inexpensive sheets. This blend gives sheets a certain feel. They are normally not wrinkly (thanks to the polyester!), and have a slightly slippery, thinner feel.

Check the tag if it's still there. It's usually along the thin bottom hem. The tag can sometimes be a dead giveaway! Most vintage sheets have tightly woven tags with the information printed on it. This is a contrast to today's plastic-y tags and woven tags. There are some vintage sheets that have the plastic tags, but they would be slightly newer.

The look of the tag and the brand or line can help you approximate what era it is from as well. Some common vintage sheet brands and lines include Cannon (Monticello, Featherlite), JcPenny (Percale), Pequot (Percale), Springmaid (Wondercale), Sears Roebuck and Co. (Perma-Prest, Percale), Pacific Miracale, Vera, Penneys (Fashion Manor, Penn-Prest), Dan River (Dantrel), Wamsutta (Superlin). Just to name a few from my sheet stash!

Vintage pillow cases are another dreamy thing to have on your bed. You'll know them when you see them. Some have beautiful trim on them, others have beautiful brocade on them and some are just white with embroidery on them.

If you do happen to find a few without any trim, just simply add some.

Picture Frames

I have a slight obsession with these gorgeous picture frames that come in all sizes.

Different sizes with different patterns on each frame.

These are exactly like the frames I have in my own home.

When painted in white or cream with a slight distress to them, their perfect in our French Country Homes.

No - I don't just put them in my cart and walk away. I look at the detailing on each frame and marvel at the thought that I'm able to have these for only $1.00 each and this includes 8 x 10 frames.

The department with all the framed artwork is the place to find large wood frames. Almost always they'll have some sort of artwork in them that can simply be removed. It's just the fact that your able to get a wood frame for $3.00 - $5.00 depending on the size.

You'll need to pickup each frame that you like to ensure that it's not plastic.

Antique Silver

Another absolute favorite of mine is antique silver.

Gorgeous antique silver trays are something unique and not seen on a daily basis. So if you see one, get it immediately. Or put it in your cart and cover it with clothing so no one takes it.

A gorgeous antique silver tray is perfect for creating a vignette on for your living room. You could also use it for bringing out the popcorn and drinks in the evening.

Antique silver pitchers of sorts are another rare commodity. There the most perfect thing to have for flowers, whether real or artificial (because we've learned how to blend artificial flowers with real one's).

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