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What to Add to Your Living Room

for the Most Drama

August 29, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

This was an idea I had for things we could add to our living rooms for the ultimate drama. Nothing over the top and expensive. Just the perfect element that's going to make everything else pop and come alive.

A spectacular chandelier

This could be something that's very affordable. Large chunky one's are preferred.

However large chandeliers with lot's of crystals is a real show stopper.

Only you know your decor style. So purchase a chandelier that compliments your decor.

Consider your furniture, area rugs, table lamps and everything else in the room.

Wall Decor

Wall decor can be anything. A large mirror or clock. A large piece of artwork. A large piece of metal ornamentation.

What works with your existing decor?

Keep an eye open to sales going on at your local favorite spots. Hobby Lobby for example has 50% off sales on these sorts of things all the time.

Throw Blankets

A few gorgeous throw blankets can suggest so much.

Gorgeous throw blankets suggest to come in and stay a while to those who visit.

Throw blankets also soften the entire room.


Notice in these photos the greenery that's been added. I feel that no room is complete without greenery. Simple house plants can offer so much to the overall aesthetics of your room. Their beautiful and can aid in ridding your home of allergies.

Greenery works with your addition of adding throws to making the space feel more welcoming.

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