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Night Stands

August 23, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

Have you ever sat on your bed looking at your night stand? We've all done it.

Night stands are a must in our bedroom.

Whether if french country traditional type, several antique crates stacked on top of one another, or maybe even a desk. They all serve the same function - to provide additional storage and display beautiful vignettes in our bedroom

So what happens when your totally frustrated with how they look?

Step 1. Start small in adding a beautiful table lamp.

The size of your table lamp will depend on the size of your night stand. Don't be afraid of adding a large table lamp if you have enough room for the following additional items to add.

Step 2. Add a candle on a simple plate.

A simple plate could be just a simple glass candle holder plate that you could purchase at the Dollar Tree, or you may be apt to use one of your antique small bread plates.

Step 3. Add some books where you can.

I love books anywhere in my home. Standing upright, or a few standing upright with a few stacked on each other and for pedestals in rising decor.

Step 4. Add a small vase of fresh flowers, greenery or dried flowers

Because this is a small space, you don't need any type of large floral. Something small will have an even greater impact in decorating your night stand.

All of this delightment has definitely given me some ideas on decorating my night stands.

Have you noticed a theme going?

  • Large table lamp
  • Candle holder
  • Smaller container of flowers
  • Books
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