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Why You Shouldn't

Get Rid of Your



January 2, 2020

· Holidays,Home and Garden

Why You Shouldn't

Get Rid of Your

Christmas Greenery

What is the beauty of Winter? Looking down a road and seeing evidence of one car going down a freshly snowed road. Pine trees decorated with midst and clumps of snow on there branches. A small patch of ice giving a bluish hue. Mailboxes that line your street with heels of snow on top.

This is why you shouldn't put your greenery away!

Continue to use all of your pine in different ways this winter.

Hang Wreaths Indoors and on Back of Chairs

Hang some of your Garland on Chandeliers

Create small Vignettes with miniature trees and sprigs of pine

All so happily at home this winter with you!

Add additional greenery in with your pine

Simply cut pieces off of your inexpensive garlands to use in small vignettes around your home.

Even a faux boxwood plant would be quite happy!

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