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Winter Candle Holders

January 15, 2020

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Winter Candle Holders

Faux Ice Winter Candle Holders

Your Going To Love This!

Mason Jars (1 larger to fit slightly over the other one) - Aluminum Foil - Marbles

Hot Glue Gun - ENCAPSO product - Stirring Sticks - Measuring Cup

Step 1. Remove any labels from your Mason jars. 2. Hot glue two of them together with the one on the top having the opening visible. 3. Take the two Mason jars now and roll in tin foil several times. 4. Trim bottom of tin foil so you only have about 1". 5. Then fold in the tin foil on the bottom - 6. turn right side up and push down on the bottom till it evens out to sit flat.

Step 7. Remove the Mason jars from your tin foil - leaving you with a mold. 8. Fill up the Mason jar with something heavy like marbles. 9. Put the lid sealer on the top of jar. 10. The foil mold does tend to a leak a little bit, so you’ll probably want to put it on something that will contain the liquid. I used the top of a small storage container, but a small plate would work, too.

Mix the ENCAPSO according to the instructions. 7. Using your mixing cup, pour in Part A, then equal amounts of Part B. Stir very - very well for 5 minutes. If you've ever worked with Epoxy - this is the same thing. 8. Now with one of your stirring sticks, put it in between the foil and your glass, pour liquid onto the stick so it runs down into the mold. Keep pouring till you've filled the mold. 9. & 10. If you'd like to add a bit of pine, place it into the liquid. Put lid on Mason jar.

Step 3. Allow to sit for 16 hours. Once gelled (having a rubbery feel), mix slightly more liquid to fill the tops and allow to sit for a few hours. Now you can remove the mold from around your jar very carefully because the faux ice will break off. Remove lid - empty out marbles and look at your new gorgeous WINTER CANDLE HOLDER.

Now let's make an easy WINTER CANDLE

Pine Winter Candle Holders

Materials we'll need:

  • Real pine sprigs
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Glass candle holders of your choice
  • Clear Acrylic Spray

Step 1. Lay your pieces of pine onto a pieces of wax paper and spray one side of them with your spray adhesive.

Step 2. Begin placing them on the bottom of your candle holder, overlapping them slightly.

Step 3. Clear the outside of your glass. Now enjoy your new gorgeous candle holders.

Bottle Winter Candle Holders

These Winter Candle Holders are so elegant!

Materials we'll need:

  • Different size glass bottles (will look the best)
  • Gold spray paint
  • Taper candles

Spray your bottles with the gold spray paint and allow to completely dry.

Place your taper candles inside, light and watch them Drip down the sides - this is the beauty in these.

Then when your candles burn out, simply remove them from the bottles with hot water if needed - leaving behind the wax dripped down the sides and replace with a new one.

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