Winter Projects that your going to Love

Glass Covered Trees

Faux Fur Letters

Popsicle Sticks Snowflakes

Coffee Cups Decorated with Transfers

It doesn't matter where you live in the northern parts of the states, this is what a snow storm looks like.

Up to your knees in snow, streets covered with plenty of cars not able to move in this, being late for work, maybe some shoveling before work and definitely after work. These are all the splendids of living here.

What better time to start a few DIY projects for your home. The season is long and we're all looking for ways to make our home feel warm and cozy. Sometimes the best decor is in making it yourself.

The first project that we'll be working on is gorgeous Glass Covered Trees. Please make at least three of these while we're working on them. You know the reason why I'm saying this. Decorating in odd numbers is a must.

Now these are a little different from one's that I've made in the past. This is because there using 3 different types of materials on the cones.

The first step is buying your materials and these are what's you'll need -

  • Large paper to make your cones.  I would buy a roll of white gift wrap.
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • 15 - 16 ounces of glass beads
  • Cut beads
  • Seed beads in iridescent and silver

Begin with covering your paper cones with Mod Podge as thick as you can with your foam brush.

Now combine all of your different beads into a pourable container, like a glass measuring holder. Then sprinkle this all over your Mod Podge cones while still wet.

Once done loading up your cones with the different beads and pressing firmly onto the cones, allow to dry.

When done drying, simply shake off the excess beads. Do this on a piece of paper, so you can put all of this into a sandwich bag. You don't want to mix up each container of the beads.

Faux Fur Letters

There's only a few materials we're going to need - either wood or paper mache letters, white faux fur - scissors - hot glue.

  1. Have your faux fur laid out (face down) and place your letter on it. Draw out your letter shape, leaving enough room to cover the sides of the letter.
  2. Apply hot glue first down one edge of your letter.
  3. Then apply hot glue over the top of the letter.
  4. Now apply hot glue down the other side of your letter.  Now the top and bottom need to be glued
  5. You may need to take your scissors and cut into the fabric just a little bit to be able to lay the top and bottom fabric flat.

If doing the letter "O", follow the same steps above - then turn your letter over and using a very sharp utility knife, cut out the center.

Popsicle Sticks Snowflakes

I know that I've done an entire post on Snowflakes and hope that you loved them. But I've come across another project that we can do.

Can you believe that they are made with all individual popsicle sticks? All you need for materials are a bunch of popsicle sticks, hot glue and gold acrylic paint.

Begin with laying out your snowflake pattern. If your not sure, do a google search for simple snowflakes for inspiration on what kinds you'd like to create.

After you have them laid out on a table, you can begin hot gluing them together. Do this by applying a good amount of hot glue over the seams where several sticks come together. Your now working on the back of your snowflake. Continue doing this until your entire snowflake is glued. Allow to dry for 15 minutes. It will dry much sooner than this, but I want to make sure the glue is really dry for moving.

Now that your snowflake is made, paint the entire piece with your gold acrylic paint.

If you find that any part of the snowflake is a little loose, gently apply a little hot glue over that section and using the tip of your glue gun, press down and spread it out (so you don't have a glob of it).

Coffee Cups

I bet you thought that these could only be bought in stores right? Nop - you can make these yourself and you choose what you might like to use on them.

Materials your going to need -

  • Iron on Vinyl
  • a heat gun, or hair dryer that get's hot
  • a mug
  • credit card
  • a towel or oven mitt to protect your hands from the heat!
  • Scotch tape

To find a gorgeous decal, visit The Graphics Fairy where there are thousands to choose from.

After you've sized and printed your beautiful transfer, cut it out by cutting as close to the image as possible. Now place the image on the mug and hold down by placing tiny little pieces of tape on either side. I say tiny because I don't know what this is going to do after heating the cup up.

Next turn your heat gun, or hair dryer on the higher setting and apply it at a slight distance to the design on the mug. Make sure you have a towel on hand because your mug will get hot!

Apply the heat no more than 5 seconds at a time, and in between heat cycles use your credit card to make sure the design is sticking and smooth on your mug. If you apply too much heat for too long on your vinyl, it will start to shrink and warp your design.

Once your design seems to be completely adhered to your mug (ours took around 6 cycles of heat, 5 seconds each cycle) let your mug cool for around 20 seconds.

After 20 seconds, peel off your vinyl sheet and enjoy!

These are not dishwasher safe - sorry. You'll need to hand wash.

Wasn't this fun?  And here I learned something as well.  Now fill up a coffee cup - I have mine and we can cheer.

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