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Winter Wonderland Snack Mix

December 15, 2019

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Winter Wonderland Snack Mix

How's this look? Almost perfect to look at for the month of December.

It started with a jazzed up version of my “Crack Corn” recipe. Crack corn is candy coated popcorn, that I typically just dust with sprinkles. This time I coated it in candy and then sugar crystals and powdered sugar.

Next up, I made a little chex mix that resembled puppy chow, without the peanut butter.

You can do one of two things. You can coat the chex in with melted white chocolate OR use vanilla candy melts or vanilla almond bark. I used almond bark, because I already had it out for the popcorn. After the cereal was coated, I dusted it with powdered sugar like you would puppy chow or muddy buddies.

I added some white jimmies and candy pearls, and a little silver sugar dust. All dressed up in winter white!

It’s time to mix it all together. So, we have the popcorn, and we have the chex. Next up, I added in some mint M&M’s (I picked out the white ones!) Some white chocolate mint pretzels that I found, they are even snowflake shaped!! And these dipped marshmallows that I dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles.

Add this to your other super easy snacks for a whirlwind of energy when out shopping.

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