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Your French Country Home

August 8 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

We talk about French Country style everyday in some form or another, and we lavish the one's we live in.

Sometimes we forget on just how simple it is to have this style. When we decide to go on just a browsing trip to our local "big box" stores, we get all jumbled up on the gorgeous accessories, wall decor and table settings for our homes. We forget that we don't need any of this stuff, but rather the simpler things in life.

The absolute simplicity of drop cloth slip covers, or just 100% cotton slip covers that get all wrinkled and scrunched up with continuous sitting on.

An old stack of books that weren't really taken care of, but we're able to enjoy now by simply tying them into bundles.

And one of our favorites, FRESH FLOWERS presented in a simple glass jar - nothing fancy.

Even in exquisite apartments in Paris, the decor is very minimal. Like seen here, a simple white matalasse on the bed with a few cream blankets. A very simple mid-century style chair by the window. The beauty in Paris is the buildings themselves, not necessarily what's in them.

So what can we learn from this? Having barely white walls is a start. If your lucky enough to have a fireplace, paint it white as well. Then hang cream drapes for a bit of contrast.

Again, simplicity is the key here. The beauty lies in the bones of this apartment.

Again, another gorgeous Parisian apartment with a very simple bed and bedding. The lamps seen here fall under our NEW LAMPS post.

Barely white walls with white drapes and your set to go.

A gorgeous large sofa with drop cloth looking fabric. The dining area set with a simple wood table and chairs.

There's nothing fancy about any of these apartments, other than the buildings themselves.

So whenever your thinking of adding something new to your decor, look around your home first. See what could use a slight face lift. I'm going to be adding lot's of new things under my FRENCH COUNTRY CRAFTS pages to help you with this.

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