• As we're strolling through October, I'll continue sharing all that I have for you. I've enjoyed writing all of my DIY's, some easy warm meals and a week filled with all you need for Halloween.

    So stay tuned for all the excitement that I'll be sharing with you.

  • Spooktacular Halloween Wreath

    Halloween Banners DIY

    The Beauty of Drop Cloths this Fall

  • More Halloween Spooktacular Goodness

  • Witch Halloween Mantel

    Halloween Book Covers

    Spooky Elizabethan Crows
  • I'm already working on my posts to share with you in November. It's going to be another warm and cozy month with a BIG traditional holiday. I almost can't wait for October to be over to share all of these with you.

    So stay tuned for all the excitement that I'll be sharing with you.

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    20 octobre, 2019 · Decor and Styling,Create Craft
    Happy Sunday My Friends! I'm so excited to share these projects with you using a Basic Drop Cloth. For those of you that haven't heard of "drop cloth" - you're going to be amazed. And for those of you that have heard about the use of "drop cloths" - maybe some of these are projects that you've...
    19 octobre, 2019
    Hello my friends! Thank you for being here today to enjoy making Halloween banners for your home. BANNERS are one of those things that most people overlook when decorating and I get it. There often small and flat - opposed to the large wreath sitting next to them. I will be the first to tell...
    Do you know the difference between a Spooktacular Halloween Wreath and just a Halloween wreath? There is a difference you know! This is a Spooktacular Halloween Wreath With all it's glorious beauty in the cob web, black crow, black roses and hints of spooky fall decor seen in orange - like...
    17 octobre, 2019 · Create Craft,Vintage Style,Junkin Finds
    This is a post I found at We have to admit that Halloween doesn't need to be bloody and gory - right? Absolutely not! In fact we can eliminate this completely. Wouldn't you love a home decorated for Halloween in a soft sort...
    16 octobre, 2019 · Create Craft,Decor and Styling,Junkin Finds
    Hello Friends! I'm super excited to share this with you today with the chilly weather we've been having. Gorgeous Sweater Pillows Have you taken a look at the prices on these right now? A little much for my wallet. See what I mean? And these are only for the pillow covers, not the entire...
    16 octobre, 2019 · Decor and Styling,Create Craft
    Happy Wednesday my friends! Do you love candles as much as I do? Lighting all my candles in the evening while I lounge to watch tv is pure luxury to me. I love looking at the shadows they cast depending on what their sitting next to. Sometimes it's nice to have candles that reflect the...
    15 octobre, 2019 · Decor and Styling
    I've been talking about all sorts of ways for you to add a bit of Halloween magic to your home this year and realized that I forgot to mention mine. For the seasons and holidays, I decorate by creating small vignettes around my house. I love doing this because you can create each vignette to be...
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