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    Yours and the one's needing love like yours

    If I could...

    I would have a couple pit bulls.

    Cats big or small - I love them all!

    How I've seen this so many times throughout my life. A mother and baby embraced - an image of God.

    Some of our little friends don't mind being like adults in their favorite clothing.

    My Mom had two little pugs - brother and sister - Sophie and Ruggles

    Each one is born so small and innocent.

    Sunday 10/21/2018

    It's Down the Rabbit Hole again with my friends from The Cottage Market. Here's what they had to say today.

    Today we are featuring NorthWest Dog Project. They are so amazing… they help so many doggies of all shapes… sizes and needs. They foster… they rehome… they also teach responsible pet ownership which is so very very important and so much more. They have a lot going on right now and need a helping paw! Please visit them and check them out. It is great to know about these different places throughout the country… you just never know when you have to recommend a place to someone.

    Thursday 10/18/2018

    It's Down the Rabbit Hole again with my friends from The Cottage Market. Here's what they had to say today.

    I just got finished watching 2 little Pugs for 10 days… they are my daughters … adorable and of course they are rescues : ). The HARD part is… my Georgia and Alie do not like them… so can you imagine walking 2 sets of dogs 5 times a day and keeping them apart lol…NOT EASY but we did it and everyone is safe and sound and of course loved!!! What have all of you been up to? Sure hope you enjoy today’s links and today’s wonderful rescue. It’s The Pits Dog Rescue lends a helping paw to so many loving Pitties… the most misunderstood dog ever. Our Instagram Doggie Natalie came from this amazing Rescue! They are such a loving and caring dog and as you all know… the ones that fall between the cracks are because of HUMANS!!! I am so thankful that all of these Rescuers exist … I say it all the time but it is true… they are my HERO’S! Please visit them and check out all their great work.

    Thursday 10/11//2018

    Our Precious little 9 Furry Babies

    These three little furry boy's were rescued from our back yard when they were just born, born from a feral kitten that we also rescued and accidentally got out of the house. Baby Boy was so little and frail, we didn't know if he was going to make it - certainly wouldn't have outside.

    Blackie and Baby Boy

    Big Brother

    Here's Baby Boy now - one of the twins

    Here's Big Brother now - Baby Boy's twin

    This is odd - he has Baby Boy's collar on. Umm...can't remember the switch over. Big Brother at some point decided that he no longer wanted to wear a collar - so he's naked now.

    Baby Boy must have lost his collar like he so often does and inherited Big Brother's.

    This is Blackie now - brother to Baby Boy and Big Brothers

    I love this photo of my 3 little monkeys just loving each other.

    OMG - how precious is this?

    My beautiful little baby girl Sasha, mother of the boys above.

    A New Life for a feral Kitty

    This beautiful little baby girl came into our lives one day in the backyard. She was so tiny and so scitious, but so beautiful. She started coming around more often, so I decided to start feeding her which brought her back every day since. It started becoming cold outside - late fall and I decided that she needed a house to keep her warm. So we built her a house and anchored it to a tree out back. we grew closer to winter, I decided that we had to bring her inside - no questions about it. So we trapped her with a humane trap and brought her indoors into the basement to check her out before introducing her to the other cats. Well as soon as I opened the door to the trap, she bolted and was lost in the walls for several days. I could hear her in the walls when I went downstairs and was so - so upset that she was trapped in the walls, so I started ripping them apart. One night we went down, she came out and just started running. We were able to trap her into a corner and when Chris went down to pick her up, she tore apart his hand with biting and scratching. That's when Chris told me that she's feral. This was ok, he got her and put her back into the trap and we introduced her to our family very slowly. For a couple days I kept her in a large pet carrier with food and water, and also a little litter box that I made. I would constantly take her out and just hold her and she would purr. I decided to let her out and be free with our other family members and that's when everything changed. She was back to being a feral cat that wanted nothing to do with being held. To this day after 4 years of having her, we're still not able to touch her.

    I didn't realize that she's able to mate with her offsprings. The boys were still babies in my eyes. But she got pregnant again with Blackie's babies and we know this by the color of her new litter.

    Because we were pretty much maxed out with space for our family of 8, we decided to keep only one of the kittens and give the other two to the shelter. Neither Chris or myself could bring ourselves to go to the shelter to surrender these two little beautiful babies, so we made arrangements with the shelter to come get them. Well let me tell you, you would have thought that someone was ripping out one of my vital organs I was crying so hard when they came to get them - I couldn't even look at our two gorgeous babies being taken away. To this day it makes me sad typing this. I went to the shelter the next day to check on them and they were in a large steel cage. Omg - another vital organ being removed - I was hysterical - yelling at the people at the shelter to remove my babies from that cage. Long story short - they were adopted together the next day. That brought me a sense of relief not being caged up anymore, but still broke my heart that they weren't part of our family.

    In my closing words here I want to say - don't every think that you don't have enough room for an animal in need of your love. We have a one bedroom apartment and still rescued 9 animals, and there's not a day that goes by where we regret our decisions. Do they become too much at times? Absolutely, but so don't kids!!!

    Never abandon an animal that comes into your yard, especially if their making their appearance known on a daily basis. Maybe that animal needs you to take them out of the misery their living in.

    Braxton is the newest to our family - the kitten we kept from Sasha's second litter.

    He's the absolute sweetest little boy you could ever want. He's incredibly smart and knows what he wants, and doesn't stop till he get's it and this is on a daily basis.

    Braxton's definitely become Chris's cat because Chris has spent so much time with him.

    He's just so beautiful.

    This is my little Brie.

    Yep...she's about as wide as she is long. A little robust little girl.

    My baby boy Seth

    One of our largest kitty's as you can see.

    Seth and Brie came into my life 10 years ago, born at the house I use to live in. I had rescued their mom and at that time, I learned that she was pregnant with two kittens. Now when I took her in, I had two cats already. I told myself that her being pregnant was fine, I would just deal with it after she had her babies. Well let me tell you, I grew up with a lot of cats and litters, but I had never seen a kitten being born. When these babies were born and seeing them come into life, I couldn't stop crying - it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I knew right then and there that these kittens were mine for the rest of their lives.

    I'm very sad to say that their mom - Sasha had to be put down at a very young age of 3 due to respiratory failure. I can't begin to tell you how broken my heart was. She was so young, had the rest of her life in front of her with her offsprings. The animal hospital couldn't do anything for her after attempting to keep her in an oxygen tank for several hours. It was her time to go to heaven, to live an eternal life where I'll see her again.

    Seth and Baby Boy loving each other.

    Sorry this picture is the wrong way, but I love this. Showing the bond between Blackie and Seth at a very young age for Blackie.

    Braxton and Baby Boy loving each other. Big Brother and Little Brother.

    You'd swear that they two were litter mates - always together.

    This is Rufus or as Chris likes to call him - Rufus Johns

    Rufus was Chris's cat that he brought with him into my family and has become just that, part of the family. Because he was Chris's cat, he demands Chris's attention and doesn't always like the other cat's getting their love and scratches on the bed. We swear that he somehow tells them to go away although we don't hear anything. It's actually become a problem with him, but he's working on his behavior.

    Rufus and Big Brother - another pair.

    Rufus and Big Brother - how precious.

    OMG - one of my most favorite photo's. These two huge cat's snuggled in the cat tree.

    This poor girl is 20+ years old and nothing but skin and bones and her fur is greasy and matted, despite having bathed her a ton of times. I guess it's like a 90 year old person not being able to take care of themselves. She looks like she should be put down, but she eats, drinks and goes to the bathroom normal and she devours her snacks at night. So despite how she looks, she seems to be very healthy.

    Tuesday 10/9/2018

    35 Comical Cats Who Simply Do Not Comprehend The Definition of Personal Space

    Saturday 10/6/2018

    If you ever want to donate to your Shelter… they will appreciate it in the biggest way. We don’t realize what they struggle with… the less they have to struggle… the more and more Fur Babies get adopted! If you have used blankets… sheets…comforters… towels… wash cloths… they are always on their list too. They adore paper towels… bleach… cleaning wipes… brooms… dog food… wet cat food and kitten food… leases… harnesses… litter boxes… bully sticks… dry GRAIN FREE dog food and whatever you think they might need… they do! A great way to get kids involved too. Another great thing to do with kids is to have a Shelter Drive at School.

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